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Westin Ottawa - Intimate Wedding - Melissa & Rimmy

Melissa and I have been friends since long before high school started, meeting through a mutual friend. We grew up together throughout our high school years, and even kept in touch after she moved all the way out east to PEI. With her red hair, I knew she'd fit right in (Anne of Green Gables anyone?)

I was thrilled to hear that she had met someone super sweet in Rimmy, and couldn't wait to meet him. I was even more thrilled when she asked me to be her wedding photographer. I could tell during their engagement session that they were the perfect couple. Rimmy being the kind and gentle person he is, keeps the giddy nature of Melissa grounded. He makes her laugh, and smile the biggest smile I have ever seen on her.

Their wedding was an intimate family affair at the Westin Hotel in downtown Ottawa. They had booked one suite at the hotel, but the tornado that Ottawa experienced a few days earlier had destroyed the balcony and window of the suite, so they were in a smaller suite, and improvised to create something super special.

During their ceremony, the had a super sweet "ring warming" ceremony, where they passed around their wedding bands to their family to all hold for a moment and say a silent prayer/wish for the happy couple. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen at a wedding, and I loved watching everyone take a quiet moment.

It was such a wonderful day full of love, happiness, giggles, family and joy, and I'm so happy to have been apart of it.

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