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Downtown Ottawa Wedding - Ivany & Reggie

I met Ivany in grade 7, many many moons ago, and we were great friends. I remember walking around the halls of St. Paul's High School (I later moved on to Bell) with this larger than life girl who was shorter than me, yet sweet as pie.

I was thrilled when she contacted me to photograph her wedding! We had a blast wandering downtown Ottawa during their engagement session, and was happy to hear we would get to do the same for her wedding day.

They both got ready at their respective locations, and kept themselves hidden from each other until the ceremony. I was with the ladies, and we had a lot of fun, you can tell Ivany has hand picked the best of friends in life, and to stand by her side on her day. There were presents, and twirling flower girls, tears, and lots of hugs and laughter all morning.

We left for the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica downtown, which if you've never peaked inside - DO IT! It's the most beautiful cathedral I've had the pleasure of being inside, let alone photographing a wedding. Ivany and Reggie had friends and relatives as sponsors who walked down the aisle ahead of them. These guests have played a significant role in both of their lives, and it's a great honor to have them be a part of their ceremony.

There were many different wedding traditions that I got to witness, which really make a wedding so special. There was the coin ceremony, the veil ceremony, cord ceremony and the candle ceremony. Each had different family members take part, and assist in placing the veil and cord, lighting the candles, and passing and holding of the coins.

The bridal party, groom, bride and myself spent some fun times in Major Hill's Park after the wedding, with lots of laughter, posing, and beautiful and handsome smiles. I LOVE Major Hill's Park for wedding photos, it's beautiful with many trees and different gardens to incorporate. And you also have the stunning architecture of downtown Ottawa in the background as well.

Their reception was a blast! Ivany, Reggie along with their family and friends know how to have a good time. Between the hilarious speeches (and "best couple" competition - where obvs Ivany and Reggie won), dancing, giggles, and at the end of the night there was the money dance. The money dance is where the family and friends pin money to the bride or groom as a gift, and they get to then dance with them. It was fun to watch! The first dance, father daughter and mother son dances were emotional, and I'll admit I teared up a little.

There was a lot of love surrounding Ivany and Reggie, and it warmed my heart to witness it all and capture it all.

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