• Hilary Maxwell

How to Prepare Your Garden for a Wedding

This past wedding season I had the pleasure of meeting Lori through her son Matt's wedding to the beautiful Stacey. This fantastic mom has a serious green thumb, and she grew all the photos for the couple's wedding in her own backyard! I was absolutely amazed and the beautiful bouquets, and boutonnieres and decor she created.

She reached out to me recently and provided me some tips to share with all of you if you're looking to take photos in your garden as Matt and Stacey did. Here are her tips below!

If you plan to use your garden for engagement or wedding pictures, use these tips to prepare the garden. A little preparation can make the difference between good pictures and awesome pictures!

1. Cover up any unsightly, unmovable items such as composters, fences etc.

- Latticework (from Home Depot or Lowes) works well to hide composters

- Plant (or use potted) tall plants in front of latticework to make it blend in.

- Paint fences or sheds etc, preferably a month before to avoid the paint smell at your event. This is best done in early spring before plants grow tall.

2. Color theme

- Plant color coordinated perennials that will bloom in time for the wedding the previous fall

- Fill in bare spots in the garden with color themed annuals. Plant right in the ground or in containers at least three weeks before your event.

If time does not permit this, purchase hanging baskets or containers already planted.

- Choose a variety of heights, texture and shades of green for plants.

- A verdant (just shades of green) background looks great and will not compete with colors of clothing, bouquet flowers etc. Speak with your photographer to see their preferences.


Consider an arbour or archway

- If you do not have one already, add one to a flat area of your lawn.

- Paint, clean, decorate as above.

- White, and neutral woods, works well against the greenery of your garden.

4. Don't forget the lawn!

- A smooth, lush, green lawn will enhance your garden and your photos.

- Fertilize appropriately, depending on time of year

- Water well day before, not morning of

- Cut lawn one or two days before the event

- If the weather is rainy and the grass is wet, damp or muddy, you can use runners to make a walkway

5. Deter mosquitoes

- Spray your garden with a mixture of lemon essential oil and garlic often throughout the garden season to deter mosquitoes. Skip the garlic two to three days before the event.

- Plant lemon grass (annual in our area) throughout your garden and in containers for patios or decks. It looks like ornamental grass and is known to deter mosquitoes.

6. Entranceway

- Decorate the outdoor entryway to garden with potted plants, containers of annuals etc.

- Your color theme could be used extensively here as it will not interfere with pictures.

- Cover up/camouflage work areas.

7. Set up a table

- Set off to the side of the yard, preferably in shade.

- Works well for photography equipment/accessories

- Seating is great for wedding party members waiting for their turn in photos.

- Convenient for drinks and nibbles