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Downtown Ottawa Engagement - Ivany & Reggie

I met Ivany in grade 7 at St. Pauls High School here in Ottawa, and we became really great friends! I remember walking the halls with this little spunky gal, and she certainly made the days much better.

Sadly I moved to a different school after grade 8 and we slowly lost touch. We found each other on Facebook once it started to become a thing, and kept in touch a bit that way. When she became engaged to the adorably hilarious Reggie, I was stoked when she reached out to me to be her wedding photographer!

It took a bit to nail down a date for their engagement photos, with all of the rainy days we had this summer. Finally we decided on a date and said "let's just do it!" and headed downtown. We wandered around the Chateau Laurier, through Major Hill's Park, and through the market. We had a lot of fun, and made it home JUST before a massive rain storm hit.

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